Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 06/19 CTB CTB The mission is to provide a beaded technical assistance to the Directorate of Sanitation on tasks requiring complementary technical capabilities not available (our ref. 4057)
Sub Saharan Africa Togo 12/17 AfDB Plan International Improve the living conditions of the population of the city of Sokodé through provision of sanitation facilities and a better management of fecal sludge (our ref. 3738)
Sub Saharan Africa Niger 12/17 World Bank GAUFF National Policy of Hygiene and Sanitation Document of Niger (our ref. 4124)
Sub Saharan Africa Burundi 12/16 UNICEF UNICEF Assessment of the Community-led Total Sanitation Approach (CLTS) with a view to scaling up in Burundi (o. ref. 4288)
Sub Saharan Africa Cameroon 12/16 World Bank Cummunauté Urbaine de Douala Support for project management, for the support of population, in the adoption of improved sanitation systems in Douala for Liquid Sanitation Project in Cameroon (our ref. 3464)
Sub Saharan Africa Sierra Leone 12/16 AMCOW AMCOW Updating the Environmental Health Policy and Sanitation Strategy (o. ref. 4274)
Sub Saharan Africa Senegal 12/16 La société Environnement – Déchets – Eau Cabinet EDE International Sanitation study of the city of Rufisque, Phase 2 (our ref. 4071)
Sub Saharan Africa Uganda 11/16 AMCOW AMCOW Prepare a 15-year integrated strategy and medium-term operational plan for the rural and urban sanitation sub sector in Uganda and to outline the roadmap for achieving the national SDGs universal access to sanitation targets (o. ref. 4351)
Sub Saharan Africa Benin 08/16 Coopération Internationale Hollandaise (DGIS) VNG International Assessment of the multi-annual water and sanitation program phase II (PPEA II) (o. ref. 4269)
Sub-Saharan Africa Ethiopia 08/16 World Bank World Bank The overall objective of the project is to assist the government of Ethiopia refine an Integrated Urban Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy and the National Action Plan (our ref. 4030)
Sub Saharan Africa Cameroon 07/16 World Bank Cummunauté Urbaine de Douala Support for project management, for the support of population, in the adoption of improved sanitation systems in Douala for Liquid Sanitation Project in Cameroon (our ref. 3619)
Sub Saharan Africa Zambia 03/16 World Bank LWSC Institutional Evaluation and Technical Assistance Design (our réf. 3968)
Sub Saharan Africa Tanzania 01/16 World Bank GAUFF Development of Solid Waste and Septic Sludge Management/Disposal Systems For Zanzibar Municipal Council (our ref. 4204)
Sub Saharan Africa Rwanda 12/15 UNICEF UNICEF National policy, strategy and action plan for water, sanitation, hygiene, waste management and storm water (our réf. 3966)
Sub Saharan Africa Zimbabwe 12/15 Gates Fundation AMCOW National policy, strategy and action plan for sanitation, hygiene, waste management and drainage (our ref. 3955)
Sub-Saharan Africa Ivory Coast 12/15 Rotary Club Rotary Club de Yamoussoukro Identification of Scool Sanitation Project : Rehabilitation of Zougounou school (our ref. 2088)
Sub-Saharan Africa Niger 09/15 World Bank WSP Niger Development of Fecal Sludge Management Services for Niamey City (our ref.: 3755)
Sub Saharan Africa Zambia, Burkina Faso, Senegal 05/15 World Bank LWSC Study Tours on Corporate Governance and Best Practice in Sanitation (our ref. 3905)
Sub-Saharan Africa Benin 04/15 KfW KfW The purpose of the mission is to provide a complete analysis of the situation of water supply and sanitation in the visited towns and to propose the most appropriate technology and fundraising optiont (our ref. 3899)
Latin America and the Caribbean South Africa, Singapore, Jordan, Finland, Australia and Argentina 04/15 UNEP WaterLEX Peer-Review of a Draft Study on Good Practices for Regulating Wastewater Treatment (our ref. 4020)
Sub Saharan Africa Burundi 04/15 Commune de la Possonnière Commune de la Possonnière Technique and Institutional Feasibility Study on Strengthening the Governance of Water from an Approach Intermunicipal in the Province of Bururi in Burundi ( Matana and Mugamba ) (our réf. 3974)
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 06/15 World Bank République du Burundi Design of the Master Plans of Sanitation of the Urban Centers of Kirundo, Karuzi and Mwaro (our ref. 3687)
Sub-Saharan Africa Ivory Coast 03/15 UNICEF UNICEF Assessment of the sanitation market in rural areas (our ref.: 3701)
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 12/14 GIZ GIZ National "Pro poor" strategy in the water supply and sanitation sector (our ref.: 3923)
Sub-Saharan Africa Peru and Uganda 12/14 SDC SDC Mid-term evaluation of SDC’s Resource Recovery and Safe Reuse Project (RRR) (our ref.: 3852)
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 10/14 GIZ GIZ Identification of fees due by water users for productive purposes or in case of polluting activity. (our ref.: 3879)
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi, Chad, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Rwanda 09/14 Gates Fundation AMCOW Capacity building of key actors for the development and implementation of National Sanitation Policies (our ref. 3802)
Sub Saharan Africa Madagascar 09/14 Cabinet Merlin Gates Foundation Studies of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene AEPAH in the region of Androy (our ref. 3795)
Sub-Saharan Africa Sierra Leone 06/14 AfDB SALWACO Capacity Building Strategy and Program Design for the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector. (our ref. 3599)
Sub-Saharan Africa Guinea 04/14 Terre des Hommes Terre des Hommes Appraisal of a water and sanitation project in schools and rural areas. (our ref.: 3789)
Sub-Saharan Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo 03/14 EU Tearfund UK Mid-term evaluation of the water, sanitation and hygiene promotion project in North Kivu (our ref.: 3704).
Sub-Saharan Africa South Sudan 03/14 KfW KfW Appraisal and formulation of a urban sanitation project in the cities of Yambio, Bor, Rumbek and Yeu (our ref.: 3636).
Sub-Saharan Africa Niger 02/14 World Bank WSP Niger Study of existing Behavioral Change Communication and Community Led Total Sanitation approaches in rural Niger (our ref.: 3545)
Sub-Saharan Africa Madagascar 01/14 UNICEF UNICEF Evaluation of the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach (our ref.: 3624).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 12/13 GIZ GIZ Evaluation of the Gitega sanitation management business model (our ref.: 3660).
Sub-Saharan Africa Mali 10/13 KfW KfW Feasibility study for the identification of emergency measures to reduce the risk of flooding in Bamako (our ref.: 3188)
Sub-Saharan Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo 07/13 CTB CTB National Hygiene Policy and Strategic Plan (our ref.: 3485).
Sub Saharan Africa India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Mozambique 07/13 UNICEF UNICEF Evaluation of the UNICEF WASH Sector Strategy: Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS) (our ref. 3372)
Sub-Saharan Africa Djibouti 07/13 UNICEF UNICEF Update of the Individual Sanitation National Master Plan including a Community Led Total Sanitation component (our ref.: 3104).
Sub-Saharan Africa Tanzania 06/13 KfW KfW Drafting of the Terms of Reference and Tender documents for water supply and sanitation projects in Mtwara, Babati, Kigoma, Lindi and Sumbawanga (our ref.: 3495)
Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 05/13 AfDB ONAS Rural Sanitation National Strategy (our ref.: 2335).
Sub-Saharan Africa Chad 04/13 UNICEF UNICEF National Sanitation and Hygiene policy and strategies (our ref.: 2767).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina Faso 12/12 DANIDA COWI Definition of a Strategic Communication Plan for behavior change in hygiene and sanitation and drafting of the key documents needed for its implementation (our ref.: 2479).
Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 08/12 EU Cabinet Merlin Revision of the design of septic sludge treatment plants in three secondary cities (our ref.: 3271).
Sub-Saharan Africa Cape Verde 06/12 MCC J. António Chaves, Brazil Technical Assistance to Design the Infrastructure Grant Facility for WASH sector to fund infrastructure capital improvements while also promoting continued national level reform and providing a reward to utilities for adopting commercial principles (our ref.: 3163).
Sub-Saharan Africa Malawi 07/12 AfDB Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development National 10 years sanitation and hygiene investment plan and strategy (our ref.: 2797).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 03/12 CTB CTB Drafting of the Terms of Reference for the Wastewater Master Plan for the city of Bujumbura (our ref.: 2787)
Sub-Saharan Africa Burundi 06/12 KfW FWT Coordination of the detailed design and tender documents for the sanitation of the city of Gitega and capacity building of the municipality (our ref.: 2140).
Sub-Saharan Africa Cape Verde 12/11 Lux-Dev Lux-Dev Support development of the National Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management (PAGIRE) (our ref.: 2913).
Sub-Saharan Africa West and Central Africa 12/10 UNICEF UNICEF Evaluation of the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Approach in West and Central Africa (our ref.: 2395).
Sub-Saharan Africa Djibouti 12/10 AfDB ONEAD Monitoring and supervision of rehabilitation of the sewerage of the city of Djibouti, including updating and digitization of infrastructure plans (our ref.: 1783).
Sub-Saharan Africa Chad 08/10 AFD CARE Capitalization report of an urban program which focuses on the improvement of basic services and environment in N'Djamena and on the support to the sanitation committees of districts 4, 5, 7 and 8 of the city of N'Djamena (our ref.: 2486).
Sub-Saharan Africa Namibia 03/10 Lux-Dev Lux-Dev Elaboration of the Sanitation Master Plan for the city Katima Mulilo (our ref.: 2337).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina Faso 01/10 AFD Pöyry Detailed design of two septage treatment plants for the city of Ouagadougou (our ref.: 1888).
Sub-Saharan Africa Rwanda 12/09 UNICEF UNICEF Review the Sanitation, Storm Water and Solid Waste Management components of the Water Supply and Sanitation National Policy and elaboration of the strategy and investment plans (our ref.: 2226).
Sub-Saharan Africa Cape Verde 10/09 Lux-Dev Lux-Dev Community based sanitation strategy for São Domingos, information and awareness raising campaign for the promotion of sanitation options, technical and institutional support to the authorities in charge of the sanitation (our ref.: 2057).
Latin America and the Caribbean Brazil 09/09 ASSEMAE ASSEMAE Project identification and feasibility study of an Integrated Vocational School Program for Water, Sanitation and Environment (our ref.: 1679).
Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 06/09 World Bank WSP Design and production of a Public-Private promotion campaign for handwashing with soap. See movie. (our ref.: 1749)
Sub-Saharan Africa Central African Republic 04/09 AfDB EDE Project planning, coordination of international and local staff, identification of design criteria for the water supply and sanitation project in 16 townships (our ref.: 1673).
Latin America and the Caribbean Honduras 02/09 World Bank World Bank Providing an individual consultant for the integration of sanitation in 3 projects implemented by FHIS in rural areas and small towns, including development of performance indicators according to OBA procedure (our ref.: 1785).
Sub-Saharan Africa Djibouti 02/09 World Bank World Bank Providing an individual consultant for the identification of Low-cost Urban Sanitation Options for Djibouti Urban Poverty Reduction Project (our ref.: 1759)
Sub-Saharan Africa Djibouti 10/08 UNICEF UNICEF Elaboration of the Individual Sanitation National Master Plan (our ref.: 1664).
Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 08/08 AfDB EDE Identification of the wastewater collection, treatment and agriculture reuse for the city of Louga (our ref.: 1665).
Sub-Saharan Africa Mali 06/08 AfDB Kittelberger Consulting Engineers, Rastatt, Germany Identification and comparision of technical options for the Bamako Sanitation Master Plan.
Sub-Saharan Africa Namibia 03/08 Lux-Dev Agartha Sprl Upgrade of Rundu sanitation master plan (our ref.: 1702).
Sub-Saharan Africa Mali 12/07 World Bank SETA (our ref.: 1667) Identification of pretreatment measures for the trains maintenance workshops in Bamako.
Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina Faso 11/07 KfW Pöyry (our ref.: 1648) Identification of the pretreatment measures to be implemented in the five main industries of Bobo-Dioulasso.
Sub-Saharan Africa Namibia 06/07 Lux-Dev Agartha Sprl Evaluation of the Rundu wastewater treatment project (our ref.: 1683).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina Faso 10/06 AfDB EDE Assessment of the investment needed to cover the UN Millennium Development Goals in the sanitation subsector at the national level (our ref.: 1633).
Sub-Saharan Africa Rwanda 05/06 CTB SHER Diagnosis and recommendations to rehabilitate the sewage treatment plant of the hospital in Kigali (activated sludge) (our ref.: 1007).
Sub-Saharan Africa Burkina Faso 03/05 AfDB Pöyry Project management of the detailed study for the feasibility study for the Bobo-Dioulasso (185,000 inh.) sewerage project, identification and comparison of industrial pretreatment facilities, identification of institutional support needs, upgrading of sanitary codes and regulations (our ref.: 1648).
Sub-Saharan Africa Togo 09/03 AfDB SGI Option comparison for the water supply and sanitation of 20 townships (3,000 to 30,000 inh.). Definition of the areas to be served, assessment of the needs. Preliminary design of the water supply network. Sanitation project include on-site facilities (latrines), analysis of the social response to change and resource recovery (our ref.: 1018).
Sub-Saharan Africa Mauritania 12/02 World Bank Pöyry Project management of the detailed study for the Nouakchott water supply project, including field work (measurements, diagnosis) and network calculation. Identification of a priority phase of works. Project formulation for a Master Plan of Water Supply (our ref.: 1019).
Sub-Saharan Africa Senegal 07/02 AfDB Pöyry Preliminary design for the septage treatment plants in the Dakar area (our ref.: 1020).
Sub-Saharan Africa Gabon 03/02 City of Libreville Veolia Capacity building of local staff for plastic pipes laying within the framework of a wastewater management project of Libreville (our ref.: 0045).

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